Case Analysis of Frito Lay Essay

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Case Analysis of Frito-Lay

MKT610: Marketing Strategies

Jane Student

Davenport University

Terry O’Connor, Ph.D.

June 15, 2010

Table of Contents

Purpose and Overview 3

Analysis of Our Past and Current Situations 3

External Opportunities We Could Exploit 4

External Threats That May Impeded Success 4

Internal Strengths on Which to Capitalize 4

Internal Weaknesses to Overcome 4

Assumptions on Which the Strategies are Based 5

Marketing Strategies That Emerge from the SWOT 5

Summary and Request for Action 5

References 7
Case Analysis of Frito-Lay Company
Purpose and Overview The purpose of this analysis is to determine the most viable …show more content…

Sales for our new dip are forecasted to be $10 million in the next year alone (Kerin, Peterson, pg. 118). In the next sections I will identify the external threats and opportunities, and the internal strengths and weaknesses that exist for our company and how they relate to the further development of a strong vegetable dip market share. External Opportunities That Could Be Exploited The following is a list of the external opportunities I believe we can exploit: • 33 percent of dip sales are linked to vegetables. • Research has indicated that sour cream-based dips are the most popular dip type. • There is an increased trend among consumers for healthier eating options such as those provided with vegetable dips. • No major competitor has introduced a shelf-stable dip for vegetables. • The competition is less formidable and more fragmented.
External Threats That May Impede Success External threats that may impede our success include: • Most competition is regional thus we are forced to compete on a regional basis to gain market share. • Distribution through produce warehouses is typically desired.
Internal Strengths on Which to Capitalize Our internal strengths on which I believe we should capitalize are: • We have proven success with our line of dip products. • Our

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