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Bellagio Questions
Name: Sam Clark

Bellagio Questions

1. Focus on three key roles at mainly three levels of authority in the casino—blackjack dealers, pit bosses, and the vice president of table games. How would you characterize the “control strategy” (e.g., tight vs. loose) used over each of these roles?

2. Prepare a list of the controls described in the case. What control problems are they designed to address? Are the managers interviewed for the case justified in being proud of their company’s control system? Why or why not?

3. Are any of the control systems in place at the Bellagio suitable for firms in other industries?

1. Bellagio uses multiple forms of supervision and surveillance on the blackjack dealers, such as
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This control was designed to fix the errors of the machines as soon as they appear.
F. Controls over cash and credit: a. Individual accountability for cash stocks. This meant that most personnel who dealt directly with cash were held individually accountable for a specific sum of money that was charged out to them. This control was designed to address the problem that these personnel will make mistakes to create any large shortages or persistent patterns of shortages.
b. Formal procedures for transfers. These procedures were called drop standards and required on transfer. This control was designed to address the problem that employees related to cash or chip transfer have the chance to steal the money in the procedure.
c. Strict controls over credit issuance. It has 3 parts and all these documents contained a check number, customer number, shift, pit number, type of table game, table number, date and time, and the approved dollar amount, in addition to the required employee signatures and ID number. This control was designed to address the problem that the casino fails to collect the unpaid markers and it can make sure the collectability of the markers.
d. Tight security in count rooms. Tight security and supervision was necessary in the count rooms to ensure that the winnings were tallied accurately and that all the money to which the casino was entitled was added to stores in the casino cage. This control was designed to secure the count
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