Case: How Leaders Flourish at Gunderson Lutheran Health System

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Case: How Leaders Flourish at Gunderson Lutheran Health System.

1. How well does Gunderson’s development program follow the career management process described in Figure 9.3? Identify any elements of that system that are missing.

I think Gunderson did a really good job on development program, because for the data gathering they focus on competencies needed for career success base on their two years research, such as specific skills in operations, finance, vision, team building and leadership. Then they use variety of measures to employee’s potential talent, they use Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and also the Hogan Value Report to make sure the analysis is critical. Second step, they focus on specific success factors, …show more content…

I would like say patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and profitability to measure the success of this developmental effort. Because those three criteria is really critical to determinate a hospital did well or do not. As same as the organization’s goal, the hospital needs profit to pay their employee and researcher new project. Also they want their patient get health. I think is aligned with organization’s goals.

3. Of the developmental methods described in this chapter, which do you think would be most appropriate for developing leadership skills? Which of these does Gunderson’s use? Which should the organization add or drop from its program, and why?

I think job enlargement will be most appropriate for developing leadership skill because it will involves new challenges and new responsibilities, and also employee will know and practice about different goals by using their leadership skill. In the case, Gunderson uses the stretch assignment to approach leadership skill. I think, Gunderson would like to add a downward move that allow the manager maintain their skill because some of the employee become a director is just use one step, this will occur some issue. I think become a manager not only have knowledge but also experience, so downward maybe a change to get more experience.

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