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Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1 1 SAT2- Leadership Task 1 Lauren Hutcheson ID#: 282778 April 14, 2014 MBA – Healthcare Western Governors University Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1 2 A1. Leadership Style Upon conducting research, it is clear that the definition of “leadership” is not agreed upon. It is fluid, based upon many perceptions, situations, and surroundings. According to Robinson (2010), adopting a specific style of leadership is rather futile as it is, “contingent on the personal traits of the leader, the people being led, and the nature of the activity.” Tools are available to help guide potential leaders in determining a preferred style of leadership. For example, utilizing the “Leadership Self-Assessment…show more content…
In addition, this style fits my personality, character traits, and Running Head: LEADERSHIP - TASK 1 3 belief that a team is not successful without its team members. In my field, a successful team is comprised of individuals who are dedicated, experienced, motivated and supported by management. A1a. Strengths Job Satisfaction: In organizations and companies that utilize participative leadership as a management style, many of the employees are satisfied with their jobs. The reason is rather simple; staff sees their suggestions and/or recommendations are being put into practice. Simply stated, their voices are being heard, their input clearly has significance, and there is a sense of being an essential part of the organization. Within our organization, specifically in the operating room arena, nurses are an important aspect of trialing new equipment or materials that may be utilized in the operating rooms. By enabling these individuals to trial new equipment and provide feedback, management ascertains that the items selected by the staff assist them in performing their tasks successfully. In addition, staff is encouraged to suggest alternatives to equipment being trialed. This particular group of nurses originated from other hospitals that utilize a variety of equipment. Thus there may be better suggestions regarding the

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