Case Interview Rick Walbrick

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On Wednesday December 21, 2016 Rick Walbrick was sitting in my office waiting for Macy so he could turn his hiring packet in. Macy was busy so I began to look through his notes. One name popped out at me because I had screened him out for another Gen Tech II job, as he did not meet the minimum requirements for the job. When I asked Mr. Walbrick why he interviewed that individual, he explained to me that “He is the one I called you (Rebecca) about” I than said, “You didn’t call me, I would have screened him out” Mr. Walbrick followed up with, “Oh than it was Macy I called”. I didn’t push the issue; I wanted to check with Macy as to why she thought he met the minimum requirements. Later in the conversation, Macy asked Mr. Walbrick to supply

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