Case Reaction : I Baked A Pumpkin Pie And Brought It Into Work For My Co Workers Essay

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1. Act: I baked a pumpkin pie and brought it into work for my co-workers Reaction: I went out of the way to do something nice for my co-workers during the holidays to boost morale. They appreciated me doing this because it made their day especially during such a busy time of year for us at work. It made me feel good because I love to bake and it was great to see the smile it put on everyone’s face. 2. Act: I gave a homeless man my Reese’s candy I had just bought Reaction: I was walking outside CVS and this homeless man asked me for money but I didn’t have any cash on me. He seemed so desperate and I felt terrible so I gave him my Reese’s that I had just bought inside. He appreciated me not just blowing him off and ignoring him like most people do. He told me I had a great personality and he appreciated it. It made me feel good that not all homeless people are just desperate for money. 3. Act: I raised over $300 and danced for 24 hours for sick children through Dance Marathon Reaction: This was one of my favorite things I have done to help others. I raised over $300 for the Children’s Miracle Network and I danced for 24 hours without sitting for these children. It made me feel wonderful to participate in such a good cause. When I saw, the children running around and enjoying all the games it made standing for 24 hours well worth it. 4. Act: I was driving through McDonald’s and saw a homeless guy and bought him a happy meal Reaction: The homeless man I bought the

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