Nursing Case Study Essay

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Case Study
This scenario is being played out in a teaching hospital setting. A patient, who is Mexican, is admitted for undergoing a series of medical tests as he is suffering from stomachache for many months and the doctors have been unable to determine the exact cause. . He is an old man and has recently come to America from Mexico. Now, it is time for Doctor’s rounds with a group of student’s and one nurse practitioner. So, the conversation starts,
Patient D (in pain): Good Afternoon, Doctor. Physician A: Good Afternoon. He asks the nurse B: How is the patient? Nurse A: He is in a lot of pain and is asking for pain reliever at the regular intervals. Physician A to Nurse Practitioner B: Please show his chart. Nurse B gives him the chart. …show more content…

in addition, as this is a teaching hospital, it is also an opportunity for physicians to check the practical exam of his students. This is also a time to interact with his patients. the doctor also check the condition of this patient and prescribes or changes the medicines of the patient. In this case, the patient is being prepped for extensive medical tests and this patient is a old Mexican man who is not sued to American Hospitals and its medical procedures. He is in pain, and in addition, he is in an unfamiliar situation, where a group of strangers is talking quite openly about his medical condition. he is wary about the situation from the beginning as as the student talks about his symptoms and the possible diagnosis, he becomes increasingly frightened and starts believing that he is going to die (Patterson, …show more content…

the main topic of this discourse is the determination of the medical symptoms of the patient and tentative diagnosis of the students (Patterson, 2002).
Section 3: Leadership and Communication
Communication can be broadly defined as the exchange of information, feelings and thoughts of the people by suing thoughts, felling and voice tones. in medical practice, these can be also used to convey information and feelings as offered the example above (Kourkouta & Papathanasiou, 2014). the conversation is normal in a teaching hospital and can be used when working as the nursing practitioner.. In addition, it can also be used to soothe patients when they are frightened during any such situation.

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