Case Study: A Juice and Beverage Company in Kuwait

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The company aspires to 50 years ahead. . And the main distributor for us in the Kingdom of Bahrain is Bahrain Kuwait Marketing & Distribution CO. W.L.L. is agents for ABC Company.

Vision:- We at ABC envision Imagine a prosperous and bright future. We want to be the best company in the sale of canned products and mineral water, juices, nature and would like to got the best centers and be the first company to every family or person and be his favorite list because he choose the best natural ingredients from fruit and we use the best technology to mobilize and have the knowledge and experience and satisfying the customers of our priorities and we will strive to manufacture the highest quality and best species to satisfy our customers

ABC is believed to be health and natural ingredients are the main target customers. And that the company use of natural ingredients and flavors of real plants and produce drinks mineral taste real and we better use of modern technology on the market for the product packaging and preservation. We ABC have the determination to be the best in the company's markets, among other companies.

Achievements:- As soon as Bahrain Kuwait…

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