Case Study: A Touch Of Grass

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According to the coursework case study (2017), A Touch of Grass by Sarah (TOG) is a small company which was registered in 2008 by Sarah Bromley, a Glassblower who learned glassblowing from her father. The company makes glass products such as glasses, vases, ornaments, sculptures and bespoke pieces. Furthermore, the organization intends to introduce glassblowing classes and tours of the facility as a way of expanding its business because most customers are interested in the glass manufacturing process. Currently, A Touch of Glass is overwhelmed by its customer base and demand for its products. Consequently, TOG cannot effectively manage its customers and their purchases because it uses fragmented systems to market and sell products, contact buyers and communicate with customers. A Touch of Glass intends to implement a new system to integrate the fragmented processes and support its business processes including the existing e-commerce and proposed scheduling of classes and tours. Moreover, TOG wants a prototype of the new system to be ready within three (3) months of the start of the project. Therefore, DSDM should be adopted for implementing the new system. 2. Reasons for using DSDM Atern DSDM Atern is an agile development framework which can produce a working solution on time, within a set budget …show more content…

For example, TOG wants a prototype of the new system to be ready within 90 days from Therefore, stakeholders in the TOG project need to agree on important things to be included in the new system so that an e-commerce website can be delivered within budget and on time. In addition, members of the TOG project team need to focus on business needs as they prioritize requirements to ensure that they never compromise quality of the final product because they have a fixed timeframe. For example, not all requirements submitted by TOG Staff are needed for the new system to

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