Case Study: Abby Executive Forms

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Brandi Barnes 15235 Paxton Landing Lane Cypress, TX 77433 June 29, 2015 Ms. Janet Scantling Abby Executive Suites 4606 FM 1960 Rd W Houston, TX 77069 Dear Manager/Supervisor On June 30, 2014, 2 Party Girlz (Kisha Dorsey and Brandi Barnes) entered a contract with Abby Executive Suites. For the month of July, there were many attempts to contact your coordinator for the Lunch and Learn, radio advertisements and other services. There were many phones calls that were made in an attempt to contact your coordinator, and multiple messages were left and still not returned as of today. On August 1, we both spoke with Janet Scantling about the concerns that we had with your company, and how we were told many things that we have yet to see based on our contract. …show more content…

On the same day we contacted Brenda Davis (supervisor), in which we left a message and have yet to hear back from her supervisor. On the date we paid our rental fee, Janet informed Kisha, my business partner, that her supervisor had received our message, but thought it was a telemarketer so she chose not to make a callback. After speaking to Janet who informed her that it indeed was not a telemarketer but (Brandi) who left a full detail message as to why a callback was greatly appreciated, there was still no response or call back from Ms.

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