Case Study : An Energy Efficiency Company On The Utility Industry And Their Customers Essay

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OPOWER is an energy efficiency company that provides a cloud-based software to the utility industry and their customers. They basically provide a software which helps utilities engage their end-customers in ways that they can not only manage energy consumption but reduce it. When Ben Foster (vice president of product) first arrived at OPOWER, the company was having issues with how to prioritize product features. Due to this issue, he had been in the process of how to go about of the constant tension of whether to build custom functions in response to new customers, even if it meant that they would have to accept highly priced requests of their new large and diverse accounts. This means that the company was put under a lot of pressure because they didn’t know whether if they should listen to new customers request in creating custom features even if costs the company money. For this reason, Foster took the initiative to be vice president of product and tried to enforce some of his experiences with former tech companies and introduce them to OPOWER. He’s worked hard trying to find a beneficial system would solve the problem of product management and engineering.
Before Foster worked at OPOWER, he had quite of a lot of experience from working with other tech companies. He’s worked at a few tech companies such as Barra, eBay, Webvan, and ThoughtWorks where he held many product management positions. For instance, Foster gained some experience from working with eBay by touching

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