Essay on Case Study Analyses: the Gap, Inc.

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The central purpose of writing this Case Study Analyses on The Gap, Inc. is to identify and isolate key issues and their underlying implications and offer practical solutions and plans for implementing those solutions.

This will be done by highlighting the social influences that influence the Gap, Inc. marketing strategy, segmentation strategies with respect to distinct retail markets, and positioning strategies that can be used or changed in a retail setting, as requested in the course assignment (as cited in the course module).

History, Development, and Growth

In 1969, Don Fisher opened the first Gap store in direct response to frustrations he was feeling as an inconvenienced customer. His objective was to provide a classic
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Gap has recently taken advantage of the Internet to help it regain its prominence in the marketplace. The unique opportunities this presents to the buying public (convenience, wider range of products, etc.) have created additional streams of revenue for the company (Etzel,, 2004).

Coupled with a new advertising campaign starring a variety of hot actors, the company attempted to recapture the magic of a previous award-winning campaign called "Individuals of Style" (Etzel,, 2004).

It's really all about getting back to the basics for this company. Drexler said, "I believe Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic are now in a position to offer the product assortments our customers expect and that reflect what our brands have always stood for. The time is right for me to move on, and for the company to bring in new leadership to take the business forward." (Etzel,, 2004).

With Paul Pressler now at the helm, the company seems to be moving in the right direction. Since Gap already has an established reputation and recognition, Pressler can concentrate on paring down the product line and concentrating on what made Gap successful in the first place.

According to Harry Bernard, retail consultant, the Gap moved away from the fundamentals of researching the customers demands, maintaining quality, and keeping Wall Street expectations in check
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