Case Study Analysis – Abc, Inc.

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Case Study Analysis – ABC, Inc.
COMM 215
Instructor B. Massis
May 27, 2013

As a new worker you have finally landed that dream job, now what? You are excited about the possibilities awaiting you at your new dream job. As you prepare for your first day, you are told you will have to attend new hire orientation. Suddenly, the butterflies in your stomach return as you anticipate what to expect next. Then you ask yourself, “What is new hire orientation and what does it mean for me?” The goal of any successful onboarding program is to ensure that the investment in a new employee pays off by creating a sense of connection between the new worker and the organization. But what happens when company representatives lack
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Initially, Monica contacts Carl about the key items needed for orientation and he assures her that everything is good to go. This could not have been further from the truth. At this point, he is not aware of the problems he will face in his new endeavor. Carl’s lack of experience is clearly exhibited when his assurance has not been tested. The next key problem that arises for Carl is when he checks the new trainee files and discovers that they are incomplete. All the new recruits have gone through the interview process and filled out their paperwork. Unfortunately, the paperwork is incomplete and missing lots of valuable data. To make matters worse, some files are missing transcripts, and no one has completed the required drug screens. Problems only get worse for Carl when he discovers that only three copies of the employee manuals exist. Of the three manuals that exist, they are all missing several pages. Unfortunately, he needs fifteen complete copies. As if the previous issues alone are not bad enough, Carl also learns that the training room he plans to use for orientation has been booked by another individual for the entire month of June. At this point, he is faced with a serious dilemma, and his lack of experience reveals that he does not realize the severity of his problem. Namely, he lacks leadership because he failed to prepare and assumed that his first project would go smoothly. Next, he
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