Case Study Analysis Paper

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LaTanya Perry
Case Study Analysis Paper
17 June 2013
University of Phoenix
Ryan Oba

Thesis: Lack of training and communication can cause employees to make simple, but crucial mistakes that jeopardize the success of the company and its current projects.
In this case study I am going to analyze what went wrong in a particular situation for one company. The new hire Carl Robins, seems as if he went in over his head maybe due to the fact that he is the newest recruiter. It looks like he may have tried to prove himself to his peers. It also seems as if Carl himself was not properly trained as to knowing, understanding and taking the proper steps when it comes to recruiting new hires. It seems as if the company
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When a company is hiring new people I am sure we would all like to think that, ok I am hiring an adult he/she will and should know what to do if ever crunched in any bad situation. That cannot and should not be assumed. Proper training is vital for any company. The training of employees is important and crucial for any company, simply because it majorly contributes to the success or failure of the company. Training is important for managers, current employees and new employees. Although, employees may argue that training is a waste of time it is important to stay on top of everything and always remain prepared for any situation. Continually training and updating within a company is important because it keeps employees up to date on many things such as the use of new technology, technology is forever evolving. Training is an opportunity to introduce and implement new company policies, rule and regulations. Training creates and offers a safe working environment for all employees and managers. It also creates opportunities for personal growth, promotional opportunities and overall a healthy work environment. Furthermore, training is the key ingredient to a company staying on the edge when it comes to its competition. For example; while serving in the United States Air Force we trained on everything. Nothing is too complicated or to irrelevant to train on. After analyzing this
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