Case Study : Bmw Manufacturing Plant

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The BMW Manufacturing plant in South Carolina in the USA is one of the many companies in that area providing;
First of all, quality jobs. The company has created job opportunities for the many people of South Carolina; providing over 8000 people with employment from the company alone. In addition, companies which supply BMW with parts also provide jobs for over 30,000 South Carolinians. This caused a supply industry knock-on effect in the mid-1990s when the BMW manufacturing plant was built.
In 2014, the company marked 20 years of production in the United States. Two decades earlier, when the first BMW vehicles assembled in North America rolled off the production assembly line, the future of state’s economic development seemed promising. Despite this, it was uncertain what the company’s effects in the long run would be two decades ahead.
Clearly, BMW has had a potent, influential and enduring effect on South Carolina’s economy since then. This was made evident when BMW commissioned the University of South Carolina to conduct a study to evaluate BMW’s contributions to South Carolina’s development at the 20-year milestone. The university identified economic impacts that can be measured in terms of economic output, employment, income, and value added.
BMW has become a leading innovator in a variety of areas from green management to extensive recycling and reuse programs, and clean energy sourcing. These initiatives raise state-wide awareness of…

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