Case Study : Board Of Manager

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Board of Directors Last week, Seth introduced himself to Laura and complimented her performance with the conglomerate. She had been working there for only a month. She was clueless about Seth’s loathsome proclivities. At approximately 4:56 P.M., as Laura was leaving the building, Seth began stalking her. As the two walked down the hall of the 11th floor, Laura felt her anxiety rise as her heart was beating rapidly. She paused for a moment. Turning to Seth, she sheepishly asked: “Can I help you with something Mr. Goodman?” He was unresponsive. Seth smiled and asked Laura if she ever engaged in intimacy at work. Doubting what she had heard, Laura wanted to ask Seth to repeat himself, but instead, she remained quiet. …show more content…

Because a board of directors has the right to terminate an irresponsible CEO, only when all board members agree with one another can they stop a corrupt CEO from committing criminal behavior. The board of directors waited much longer than they should have to fire Seth because they could not come to an agreement. The board was split between two opposing sides, one that encouraged firing Seth to protect the integrity of EFT and the other side that wanted to keep Seth to appease the shareholders. In the end, the decision to fire Seth was always rejected. Seth’s father, Ronald Goodman, was the company’s biggest shareholder. He was the same person who nominated Seth for the position of CEO of the company. Ronald threatened that if Seth were ever to be fired, Ronald would back out of the company. Because Ronald was a Media Mogul who possessed extreme wealth, EFT could not afford to lose such a major contributor. The members of the board who encouraged Seth to be fired had to watch on in horror as he continued to commit heinous acts, constantly demonstrating to the board that Seth was unfit for the position of CEO. Before Laura’s traumatic experience with Seth, he had given many of the ITs verbal abuse. Seth grew up in a time without computers, which is ironic considering he is the CEO of a major computer manufacturing company. He usually had the yes-man, who surrounded him, inform him of what was really

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