Key Strategic Experience On The Completion Of The Board Meetings

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1.0 Introduction
This report looks at the key strategic experience on the completion of the board meetings that are equivalent in the 3 year period of management at WRSX. The board meetings the data displayed a rarely consistent, positive and stable outcome overall as it was progressively increasing due to the group’s accurate decision making to an successful £5.22 of share price on the board meeting six. However By critically evaluating the board meeting three’s decisions WRSX able to consider the other alternative strategic actions that could have been made due to inconsiderate group decision that was made which resulted the share price to drop by £0.11 from board meeting two. Also the report will have a discussion on the theoretical frameworks that was uses in board meeting three and also which framework was used to maintain our decision making process (Appendix 1) .
2.0 Market opportunity to enter in Asian SME’s
The group member’s made several decisions in board meeting three. However the most important one was in gained was the that millions of small businesses are in a search of attract consumers and clients with the greater number even though financially they are less able to do so as there are opportunities for the company WRSX to aim Asia’s small and medium companies by developing and marketing the new businesses as the marketing manager (XuiXui li meeting 3) at Singapore made this application. At today’s generation the evolving of the technology will evasively make
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