Case Study: Chicago Police Corruption

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Chicago has had its share of police corruption and scandals throughout the city’s history. Officials always vowing that corruption will never happen. One of the corruption cases that caught my attention was about Joseph Miedzianowski. According to NewOne, Joseph Miedzianowski is ranked number 4 as the most corrupt cop in the U.S. of all time. Joseph Miedzianowski was a Chicago police officer for 22 years. He served as a police officer and a drug kingpin shaking down drug dealers. He also ran Chicago’s gang unit and his own gang dealing drugs (NewsOne. 2011). Miedzianowski had a partner by the name of John Galligan back in 1984. In 1984 is when some allegations of abuse were filed against Miedzianowski and Galligan. According to Chicago Justice Project, these are some of the allegations filed verbatim Miedzianowski, while on duty, brought discredit to the Department by forcing his way into Mr. Andri Khoshaba's apartment and punching him in the face and chest, placed a firearm against Mr.…show more content…
He betrayed fellow officers by undermining investigations of gang members close to him, and instructing one to burglarize cops' homes and steal their guns. In addition to Miedzianowski, four other alleged members of his Miami-to-Chicago drug conduit were on trial: Mohammed S. Omar Jr., 31; Omar Feliciano, 27; Lissett Rivera, 30; and Miedzianowski's former girlfriend, Alina Lis, 37 (Lightly T.2001). The government's two-year investigation also led to the arrests of 18 others, including Miedzianowski's police partner, John Galligan, which was tried separately.
Miedzianowski was an integral part of the drug ring, which in a three-year period spent $33,000 on airline tickets to smuggle drugs and money between Chicago and Miami. At the
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