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Case Study: Circle Works Jennifer M. Zarrilli OL-325-R5403 Total Rewards Southern New Hampshire University Abstract CircleWorks is a custom bicycles company that has been in business for almost fifty years. The company has entered a new generation of bicycle builders and the human resource director is contemplating new incentives for the company. Gainsharing links pay for performance with employee involvement in improving operations. As operational performance improves, employees share financially in the gain. A successful gainsharing program addresses leadership philosophy, employee involvement and the method for bonus payout. In my paper, I will examine the purpose, application and measurement of adding gain sharing…show more content…
Having a strong team will not only increase productivity for CircleWorks but it will increase ideas coming from employees themselves. CircleWorks leadership will select a few effective and productive employees from within each team and integrating them with a team that is not functioning as well. This will create new and stronger teams within the company. Teams with the most productivity can be put into a raffle for a free group lunch or a bonus created by management. Increasing teamwork at CircleWorks will implement the leadership component of gain sharing, as teams will also be encouraged to discuss options for the company and bring them to management. The second component of gain sharing is employee involvement, which has already begun in the management component. Since we can show how quality problems directly impact a given workers gainsharing earnings we can give them a personal interest in ensuring that everyone within the company is doing their part to maximize quality performance. In addition to creating teams and encouraging them to bring ideas to the team, team meetings need to be held monthly to discuss options. “Effective office meetings lead to improved communication in the workplace, higher levels of productivity, and increased employee morale”. (Alexandre 2012). The employees must comprehend and have confidence in the plan. Meetings can be held with an unfastened agenda, so that

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