Case Study : Coca Cola Company Essay

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Coca-Cola is Everything: SCM, CRM, ERP, Social Media, You Name it Dr. John Stith Pemberton never thought that the development of a new idea, the syrup to create a fountain soda, would become a worldwide company. Dr. Pemberton decided to name the syrup Coca-Cola and then went to sell it to Jacob’s Pharmacy, they teamed the syrup with a carbonated water and “voila” they started selling a soda fountain drink. Dr. Pemberton sold a portion of the business and later on, Mr. Asa Candler acquires the total control of Coca-Cola. After the acquisition, Mr. Candler started improving the company from advertising to bottling at the end of the1890s. In 1919, Mr. Woodruff bought Coca-Cola and took the company to a new level, he projected an international company and he made it happen. Coca-Cola Company has been managed by different people all entrepreneurs and visionaries and every one of them have adding value to the company. Coca-Cola Company was and is able to keep its name and a good position because no matter where they sell the soft drink, it always tests the same. The use of technology and information has made the task easier, there is no doubt that Coca-Cola has been taking advantage of Management Information Systems. Haag explains that people can use technologies to work with information to reach the goals of a company. (p 5), the history of Coca-Cola is a good example of this concept. Being a worldwide Company, Coca-Cola has designed its supply chain management system to be

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