Case Study : Company Management For Managing The Current Situation Of Global Pharmaceutical Industry

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This paper is about a well-known pharmaceutical i.e. XYZ company where various division which have been deployed and designed to manufacture various pharmaceutical drugs through a proper and effective research of the related drugs.
Here, we have been introducing a framework for the company for managing the current situation of business where company’s top management want a vigorous growth in total sales and the creation of shareholder values because they know the current situation of global pharmaceutical industry; have been continuously increasing the competitive environment, require to have a constant stream of products need to be produce as well as must have to ensure the products quality, it should be maintained in order to arrive in the range of best quality products that’s why Company is introducing a new venture to unite the decision-making of the board and require involvement of the top management team, key middle managers, quality assurance team and board members, “Management for health services delivery”.
A major project of the company, available in its therapeutic areas where a quantitative amount of research is essential to achieve this objective for the company and a wide range of therapeutic areas are already available in its research centers which are situated around the world though for few, they are working but all need to be frame this project’s management goal i.e. quality assurance of the products which are highly required and important to clients or

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