Case Study Enterprise Rent a Car

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Management Principles and Practices 1
Case Study: Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Management principles and practices 1
Case Study: Enterprise Rent-A-Car


reat companies require effective managers and leaders to guarantee success. But what are the differences between management and leadership?

The market is changing so rapidly that products and services that successfully met consumer tastes and needs a few years ago are obsolete today. Proactive leadership must constantly monitor environmental change, particularly customer buying habits and motives, and provide the force necessary to organise resources in the right direction[1].

Former HP CEO & President Carly Fiorina described in a Stanford University lecture the difference between
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For instance Andy Taylor was adamant the customer satisfaction measure, ESQi be a mandatory benchmark for all branches to achieve business objectives. To increase dedication from employees, an opportunity of promotion will be awarded when they reached or exceeded such benchmarks[9].

An illustration of where autocratic leadership style may be appropriate is when the entity is new and the employees are inexperienced and hence needs the guidance of leadership in their work. Another instance is if the people are disengaged in their job and have no clear direction and there is vast internal politicking of the kind that is disruptive and causes an emotional strain in the way the organisation is being managed. Here a powerful autocratic leadership might help to re-align the organisation to its original position and get the people back in shape[10].



W ith organisations adopting autocratic-style leadership to remain competitive in the market via service benchmarks, two major predicaments still remain; motivating staff & employee retention. Organisations repeatedly discover that they spend substantial effort; money and time to train staff only to have them improve into an important asset and depart the organisation for better opportunities.

The problem is that the managers have not determined employees’ needs such as

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