Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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What Makes Ford Motor Company is the Best Place to Work
Ashley Resch
Professor Lurlene Irvin
Bus 322 Organizational Behavior
April 22, 2016

There are two types of people in the world: people who love Ford vehicles, and people who hate Ford vehicles. If you knew me personally, I am not in the love Ford group but I can recognize a great organization when I see one. I met my husband about twelve years ago, I was eighteen years old and in the car with a friend of his that pulled over to say hi and we ended up talking for hours that day. He finds it funny that the one thing I remember from the first time we met was our odd conversation about his grandfather working for Ford. I may have made a sarcastic comment about the Ford in his driveway and his debate was entirely about how his Grandfather has worked for Ford for many years and how amazing they treat him and his family. That 's why a place earns the title of best place to work; happy employees that feel they are supported and treated fairly is so hard to find now.
In this paper we focus on Ford Motor Company. Ford is the best place to work. Looking at the reasons why Ford is the best place to work it is apparently clear that Fords working conditions are very much flexible as it allows employees time for leisure. This is achieved through its policy that encourages working for only five days a week as compared to other companies that require employees to work for six…

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