Case Study : Greening Of Management

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Chapter 11: “Greening of Management”
The concept of “greening of management,” describes the actions taken by managers of all levels within organizations to align their interests with environmentally-friendly interests. More specifically, it is the practice of implementing ecosystem-friendly practices in their everyday management decisions. A prime example of “green management,” can be found through the “khaki conservation” of the United Kingdom military. The UK military has utilized “recycling (practices), waste management, energy efficiency, and conservation,” when using land spaces open to the public (Fiott 2014). The actions taken towards “greening” the military lands was a management decision in reaction to the excessive pollution created through the activities of the military, in addition to the tactical decision to justify military use of areas open to the public. It was also a strategic public relations decision, because green management strategies applied to the Military of Defense was a response to the population’s dislike of the pollution created (Fiott 2014). In this case, the military utilized green practices like recycling and proper disposal of wastes within their everyday functions.
Chapter 11: “Three Reasons Why Companies Take the Greening of Management”
Like the Military of Defense decision implemented within the United Kingdom, companies choose to green their management decisions to appeal to consumers. The MoD’s decision to use environmentally-friendly

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