Case Study : Green Supply Chain Management

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Fadi Akle

Supply chain management is one of the important competitive approaches for the organization today. The issue of having green supply chain management is vital for successful implementation of the industrial ecosystem and industrial ecology. This therefore, gives organizations number of reason for implantation of green supply chain policies. The reasons may range from active and proactive strategies of the business to competitive strategies of the business. From environmental and organizations perspective, it is imperative that organizations have proper understanding of exactly what is expected of them and what is happening in this field. It is therefore for this reason that this paper will discuss how organizations can adopt the green supply chain management in distribution and transportation activities.
Due to globalization, many organizations are shifting their focus to competition among network of companies in a green supply chain management environment. It is, in the same way, that multinationals enterprises are establishing global networks of supply so as to take advantage country industry so as to build a competitive advantage. When they build the competitive advantage, logistics and supply chain are balanced in ensuring that cost are reduced as good environmental performance is also maintained (Gupta and Wang 2010, 38). It is, therefore, evident that in today’s business,…
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