Case Study : Green Supply Chain Management

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Fadi Akle

Supply chain management is one of the important competitive approaches for the organization today. The issue of having green supply chain management is vital for successful implementation of the industrial ecosystem and industrial ecology. This therefore, gives organizations number of reason for implantation of green supply chain policies. The reasons may range from active and proactive strategies of the business to competitive strategies of the business. From environmental and organizations perspective, it is imperative that organizations have proper understanding of exactly what is expected of them and what is happening in this field. It is
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Some of these companies implement their competitive advantage by improving on their environmental activities (Green and Bhadauria 2012, 214). This is done through complying with the various legislations that touch on the environment. The main idea of complying with these environmental laws is concern for the customers and the environmental impact that their businesses impose. Besides, they as well take the responsibility since it is expensive to pay for environmental cleanups and punishment from the government (Zhu and Lai 2011, 129). Complaints from their consumers and fear of pollution is also another determinant that makes businesses to comply with the environmental laws (Zhu and Lai 2011, 129). No wonder organizations believe that green supply chain management has the effect in the ever increasing environmental performance through minimization of waste, and achieving some savings in the cost. In addition, there has been increased synergy in the business parties, it enhances efficiency in the partners and their various supply networks (Zhu and Lai 2011, 130). The synergy is, therefore, to improve corporate image, help them gain right market share and as well provide ground for market exposure (Zhu and Lai 2011, 132). However, if all the green supply chain is to be fully adopted by the organizations, there will be a remarkable improvement in the cost of transportation as
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