Case Study: Harassment at Brademore Electric

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Running head: CASE STUDY: HARASSMENT AT BRADEMORE ELECTRIC Harassment at Brademore Electric Albert Balogun California Baptist University BUS 520A: Managerial Ethics Jim Bishop, PhD June 16, 2010 Harassment at Brademore Electric The purpose of this paper is to analyze briefly key issues involved in sexual harassment in workplaces using a case study titled ‘Harassment at Bradmore Electric’ as the basis of the analysis. Prior to analyzing the case study, a brief definition and description of sexual harassment is deemed necessary. Cases and reported incidence of sexual harassments have become rampant and escalating in workplaces and in educational settings. This…show more content…
A behavior that is acceptable or even seen as positive to one might be viewed as sexual harassment by another. It would appear that it is responses to and outcomes of the behavior rather than the actual behavior that would result in perception of sexual harassment (Terpstra & Baker, 1986). To prove a case of sexual harassment, the courts system was of the opinion that there ought to the presence of five elements. These elements are; a sexual advance, made by a person who happens to be in a powerful or higher position or authority, to a person who is junior or in less powerful position, against the will of the person to whom the advance was made, and which ultimately may have adverse effects on the recipient’s ability to retain her job, to be fairly and objectively evaluated or promoted (Beauchamp et al, 2008). This is based on the intimidation model of sexual harassment. In later years, other bases for sexual harassment were established by the courts such as in 1993 when the United States Supreme Court gave its blessings in support of doctrine of hostile environments (Beauchamp et al, 2008). Synopsis of “Harassment” at Brademore Electric This case concerns a person in higher authority (Keith) who hired a junior worker (Maura) to work under his direct supervision. With a sense of entitlement to gratification for hiring Maura, Keith invited Maura to an outing which has no bearing to her job responsibilities.

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