Case Study Jordan

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Jordan is a 19 year old woman who lives with her grandmother in Blandford Massachusetts. Jordan has a primary and secondary diagnoses which include: ADHD and Learning Impairments, Mood disorder, PTSD, high anxiety and depression. She has difficulty with focus, concentration, executive functioning, organization, retention, processing, recall. Joran has difficulty with the multi-step process in writing composition and math. She is referred for an assistive technology evaluation by MRCVC Tara Raymond to see if there is assistive technology that would be helpful as Jordan pursues her vocational goal.
Functional Capacities:
Jordan will be attending Holyoke Community College this fall. She is independent with all activities
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When this happens needs to re-read a passage to understand what she had read. However, she went on to explain she understands the material better if it is read to her. Jordan was shown the Kurzweil 3000 and Read and Write Gold, two literacy software programs, which will provide support necessary for her to be successful. She appreciated that the material was read back to her while highlighting each word. This will help Jordan to maintain focus. Another feature of these programs would be to allow Jordan to use highlighters, sticky notes and extraction tools to assist her with studying. Jordan found the writing path feature within the Kurzweil program to be exceptionally helpful. Having the writing templates will help Jordan break down her writing assignments into smaller chunks, allowing her to stay focused and on task. The brainstorming templates could also help Jordan with organizing her thoughts during the writing process. The ATS is recommending Jordan is provided with the Kurzweil program for reading and writing. Jordan will need an All in One Printer so she will be able to scan material into her computer when a digital format is not available. The ATS is recommending Jordan access the research project calculator application to help organize her time with large…show more content…
She can access and manipulate her calendar events and appointments more easily. To support Jordan with her anxiety, the ATS would like Jordan to become familiar with the I Can Be Free application. With this application, Jordan can listen to sessions on her phone which could help her relax, overcome fears and/or phobias. The application can help modify thoughts and emotions, and will allow her to make immediate modifications to how she perceives and deals with situations.
Computer: Jordan does not have a laptop or a computer available to her. The ATS is recommending Jordan is provided a 6-8GB laptop to run the necessary programs and applications. Jordan will need a copy of Microsoft Home and Student so she will be able to access Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for her assignments. She will need a Backpack style bag to carry her books to and from school when necessary.
Jordan is an 19 year old female with a medical history significant for learning disabilities and anxiety. The client experiences difficulties in the areas of: focus, concentration, executive functioning, organization, retention, processing, recall and has difficulty with the multi-step process in writing composition and math. She requires the technology listed at the bottom of this report to be successful in school and her future
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