Case Study Medici Restaurant

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In the first question of the Medici Mediterranean Restaurant case study, it asks if

there are any other options that Alissa might consider solving this problem. There are

many other options that are not listed in the study that Alissa could exercise in this

scenario to make Guido focus more on his job. In this particular case, the head chef

Guido has not been through business school like the owner Alissa has. Guido lacks the

business skills that are imperative to keep a business well and running, leading to

recurring late payments of bills and invoices, deliveries of product that are not on time,

and a non qualified wait staff that is hurting the business. Guido’s focus is in the
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The relationship between Guido and Alissa is obviously not working. In this

option, it says that she will try to figure out his future plans, meaning she would wait to

see if he is going to open a restaurant himself or not. This option is wasting valuable

time for Alissa, time that she can be putting toward training a new head chef and manager

for her business.

The second option would be to discipline or fire Guido. This option entails that

Guido has been repeating the same problems that have been addressed on previous

occasions. Alissa is worried that firing Guido would put her business in a competition

with Guido if he decided to open his own restaurant. With no guarantee that Guido

would open a business in the area of Medici, Alissa still thinks that disciplinary steps are

futile. This is the option that I would choose. The problems have been adding up for

Guido as an employee of Alissa. The business is losing money and it is at the point

where something needs to change. Alissa needs to cut ties with Guido, and hire a chef

that is responsible in making business decisions and skilled in cooking Mediterranean

cuisine. If Alissa does not fire Guido, Medici II will eventually fail as a business,

causing a major set back financially for Alissa. Alissa needs to take this risk of firing

Guido, and not worry if Guido will open a restaurant, for that will focus her on

everything but what actually needs

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