Case Study : Metro Run A Heavy Bus System Essay

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Steve Kaffen stated that he is a resident of D.C. living in the Dupont Circle area. He stated that Metro has a credibility problem. The outreach from the Board and the GM are extremely important to addressing this issue. To compensate for the possible change in service hours on the Metrorail, Mr. Kaffen suggest that Metro run a heavy bus system throughout major section of each jurisdiction in order to give customers ample transportation. Mr. Evans indicated that Metro has been working on such a proposal to run Metrobus everywhere there is a rail line. This will ensure that all customers are served. Mr. Kaffen also expressed an interest in employee morale. During these challenges times at Metro, employee frustration and satisfaction can impact customer service. Metro needs to demonstrate that employees are valued which will help change that culture. Mr. Evans stated that he has personally meet with staff to discuss issues, listen to concerns, provide encouragement and share that employees are appreciated. These are difficult times for everyone; however, Metro will be a better organization on the other side. Mr. Evans expressed his appreciation for the dialogue with the AAC. He stated that he is sensitive to the issues face by customers, committed to making the system better, and will remain on the job until it is done. It is important that the system has ample lighting and elevators work for all customers including those with disabilities. Mr. Evans encourage

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