Case Study Of 21st Mortgage

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21st Mortgage offers financing to people who purchase manufactured homes in all states except Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Alaska and Hawaii. The Knoxville-based company offers loans through mortgage brokers, manufactured home sellers and directly to consumers through an online application process.


21st Mortgage Corporation has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). There were 26 complaints against the lender in the last three years. Nineteen customers reviewed 21st Mortgage; five gave them a positive rating, while fourteen people said that they had a negative experience with the company, with the common complaint of extremely ill-mannered representatives.


With two out of a possible five stars on Yelp, it appears that consumers are unhappy with 21st mortgage, however, recent reviews are glowing. Consumers were upset when their loan was sold to 21st mortgage; they claim that customer service is terrible and that the lender makes it difficult to pay extra and have the money applied to the principle.
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As on Yelp, individuals are complaining out the service they receive after their mortgage being sold to 21st Mortgage.

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