Case Study Of Asset Management At Bhushan Steel

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1. Asset Management: As a consultant we have looked into the areas where Bhushan Steel can heavily capitalize on the already existing SAP ERP installed. At Bhushan Steel there are many heavy machinery and lots of other small machines and instruments aiding the life cycle in the production of steel. We suggest them an asset management system offered by SAP ERP software which can manage the assets in the most efficient manner. The asset manager will ensure that at Bhushan Steel, all the assets are efficiently used in their complete lifecycle. Often in heavy machinery the total worth of the machines are not utilized before they are depreciated, this is where the asset manager comes in to check on the utilization of each and every instrument.
The SAP asset manager can minimize the risks and increase the compliance of the machines and keep a tab on all the machines in various locations the company has its operations. Often many of the machines are leased for a specific project and with the asset manager installed the efficacy and pricing can be calculated. The complete integration of all the capital projects undertaken by Bhushan Steel will reduce the capital and also reduce the operational expenditure of the assets. The maintenance charges also can be estimated along with the time intervals between the various
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Human Resource Management: As the company plans to go grow and enter into the global arena human resource capital will play a pivotal role in the sustenance of the company. We suggest the SAP HCM package to be incorporated with the SAP ERP at Bhushan Steel. This can help to automate the employee administration system across all the locations to a central database which will aid to streamline the employee activities and responsibilities. The employee’s time management can be recorded and this can be recorded to evaluate the time spent on any task. The timesheets which can also become an index of the performance and used in the appraisal cycle of the

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