Case Study Of Body Shop

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An organization is regarded as an entity upon which the structure of management is built. It comprises of multiple people who work for a collective goal in an organized form. Organizations are regarded as an open system; they are to affect and to be affected by the external environment.
“Organization is the form of every human association for the attainment of a common purpose”. (Chester I. Barnard)
Formal organization is regarded as a set of fixed rules and regulations to govern the operations and procedures. These rules are generally set out in writing leaving a very little space for misunderstandings.
An informal organization is an interlocking network designed for social and personal relationships that arise when people practice work together. It is the kind of environment where work gets done and a social relationship is built among the people who share an experience of common organizational affiliation.

ANSWER TO QUESTION 2. Organizational design:
A methodology which identifies the dysfunctional aspects of structures, procedures, …show more content…

Organizational design elaborates strict roles and responsibilities of management regarding specific departments. In case of Body Shop, organizational structure expanded that created complexities in decision making process and business model. Therefore, this prompted the company to hire organizational designers. They gratuitously formulated various departments and this resulted in suboptimal outcomes with respect to business flow and organizational dynamics. Moreover, difficulties started to arise regarding management control and team coordination. Conclusively, such management issues embroil a company in a chain of conflicts that ultimately compromise the organizational

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