Case Study Of Burts Potato Chips

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Rationale for Country Selection

Sea salt flavor of Burts Potato Chips has been selected to export to the Singapore where company is not currently operating. Singapore is the highly developed country in the South East Asia where can be described as a one of the global financial hub. It is renowned for strict local laws, stability and security. (BBC, 2015)
Singapore savory snack market had total revenue of $248m in 2013 and value has been strongly grew at a compound annual rate of 5.5% in the period of 2009-2013. Performance of market is forecast to drive the market to a value of $307.3m by the end of 2018.Under the processed snacks category Potato Chips recorded the highest volume consumption in 2014. (Marketline, 2014). Therefore, considerable amount of consumers can be seen in potato chips industry in Singapore.
Singapore is a high income economy of GDP $307.9 and $55,150 per capita income as of 2014. According to the World Bank reports Singapore
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The food and safety standards of Singapore is authorized by Agri- Food and veterinary Authority (AVA). According to the AVA reports, least number of food borne diseases are recorded in the world while depending on the imported foods. Stringent food safety standard are observed by AVA as a national authority for food safety in Singapore. (, 2015) Burts Potato Chip is handmade with best natural ingredients. It’s free from MSG, artificial colour flavorings gluten and hydrogenated fat. Thus, Singapore Food and safety standards are met by Burts Potato chips.
Singapore is the destination for high standard education system. Two universities are listed within the world’s top 15 universities. (, 2015) As an international country university students are migrate from all over the world. They have been influenced by western eating habits so British handmade potato chip can be considered as the marketable product in this

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