Case Study Of Climp Fecha Facil

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Executive Summary
The case is about the market research of Ad-lider for the launch of their new drawstring trash bag product line named Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close).
Ad-lider, headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, was the largest plastic bag manufacturer in Brazil. It had invested one million dollars in the production machinery for producing Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close) and had to decide how the new product should be launched.
The company had three divisions: commercial products, industrial products, and consumer products. Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close) was a new product line in their consumer division.
Senior executives, Lazlo Sved and Emilio Figer, were analyzing the market research for information about consumer preferences, consumer habits, …show more content…

The company needed a new product that was different, modern and offered a better cost/benefit relationship than other products on the market.
Currently, there were 3 brands of garbage rolls in the Brazilian market.
• Limp-o-Lixo (Ad-lider)
• Dover Roll (Fort Roll
• Koleta (Colemag)
Sved and Figer were determined to ensure that the new product, Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close), was:
(i) correctly positioned for the right target market (i.e. SEC A and B) ,
(ii) and created value for the consumer.
The short term goal of Ad-lider managers was to launch Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close) with the right Segmentation, Positioning and Targeting (STP) Plan and marketing mix, while their long-term goal was to diversify their existing trash bag product line in order to earn substantial future profits.
To achieve these ends, Ad-lider approached Sinergia, a well-respected market research firm, to conduct focus groups relating to the launch of the Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close). These focus groups were conducted in Nov, 1999 in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
The purpose of the research was to:
(i) evaluate the acceptance of the new Easy Close garbage …show more content…

Finally, senior executives analyzed the market research conducted for Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close). They had to come up with an action plan for launching the new product. They studied the market research for information about consumer preferences, consumer habits, and perceived competitive advantages. They also wanted to know how this information would impact pricing, product size, and distribution decisions of the new product line, i.e., Climp Fecha Facil (Easy Close).
Causes of the

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