Case Study Of Constantine's Grocery

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BUS 5111: Financial Management – Term 1, 2017-2018
Written Assignment 6
XXX XXX XXX Abstract
In this case, Constantine’s Grocery became a full service grocery store chain in the USA and required additional 135 million dollars to maintain current operations. This paper is intended to provide the narrative to discuss pros and cons of different ways such as issuing debts and stocks to raise capital. Later, I talked about initial public offering(IPO) process.

Background Information
Constantine’s Grocery, one of family businesses in the USA, has endured sixty years and became a full service grocery store chain. In order to maintain the current operations and support the growth in the future, an additional …show more content…

issuing stocks to the public. has some benefits. Firstly, it increases public profile, and provides reassurance to customers and suppliers (Advantages and disadvantages of stock market flotation, n.d.) Secondly, it creates a market valuation for the business since financial statements and annual report of the company are disclosed.
However, it has several downsides including increased disclosure, potential loss of control and potential restrictions on management action. The company is required to disclosure the information of the company such as salaries of the managers on a timely and regular basis to fulfil the requirements from stock exchanges, securities commissions and regulators and board of directors would limit managers' action and act in the shareholders’ best interests. (James, 2008) The competitors and investors may get more internal information of the company after disclosure.

Initial Public Offering(IPO)
IPO is a process of a private company becoming to a publicly-traded company with the first sale of the shares of the stock in the stock market. (Matt, 2015)

Initial Public Offerings process involving many different people, including investment bankers, attorneys, and accountants to make the process go smooth within 6 months. (Private-owned company IPOs: Is timing everything? | Deloitte US, …show more content…

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