Case Study Of Core Competencies Of Kona Ice

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Core Competencies
Kona Ice grows fast in mobile franchise in the America. Right now it has more than 450 franchisees all over the place. Kona Ice provides a quick and easy franchising program that helps franchisees get into business within 60 days of their deposit. Kona Ice also provides successful knowledges through their training program to help new franchisees keep on track with the business plan. Kona Ice really knows how to make American dreams come true as soon as possible.
What make Kona Ice different is that it provides a product that qualifies all of the federal nutritional standards for school. Kona Ice also offers their franchisees the customized products for different seasons of the year such as Kona Kiosk, Kona Trailer, or KEV …show more content…

In addition, Kona Ice’s syrup can be made of 100 percent fruit juice in all locations. The company announces that they made its syrups with low-calorie natural sweetener stevia. The syrups is also added with vitamin, so it gives customers more nutrients they need for good health. Kona Ice always prouds of their syrup product because it is made from organic fruits and non-genetically modified organisms, and it is naturally gluten-free. Kona Ice products are always welcome at school for lunch because they are low-calorie and …show more content…

They will learn successful knowledge from experienced staffs. Throughout the first year of business, new franchisees will be contacted for multiples follow up calls to guarantee a smooth and successful start to their Kona Ice business.

Industry and Market Characteristics Nowadays the shaved ice business are profitable in the United States and around the world. Kona Ice has expanded from 0 truck to over 450 trucks across in less than 10 years. This gives people a great model of how the traditional business concept of shaved ice, combined with mobile and a clear mission statement and marketing plan can result in strong profitability. The shaved ice becomes hot sales during the high-temperature months, so the Southern States of United States are the best opportunity for higher revenue. Kona Ice is intended really to target the younger adults, mom, and dads with young families that spend their time consuming content on social media websites like Pinterest or Instagram.

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