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ICE-FILI CASE 1 - How attractive is the Russian ice cream industry in 2002? The main data about the attractiveness of this market are: - The consumption is about 6 times lower than in France, Canada, US because of a different mode of consumption. Indeed, Russians consider Ice Cream as an “on the go” snack and not as a dessert they can have at home. - producing in Russia implies a certain adaptability of recipes since traditional Russian ice creams contain less fat and are made with natural ingredients plus one must take into account the high seasonality of consumption. - While the demand for beer, soft drink and confectionary industries is increasing, the demand for ice cream and therefore its production keep on decreasing. 2 - What…show more content…
As it will be a change in its positioning and the occasion to attract new customers, Ice-Fili cannot continue with such a low level of advertising. 4 - Analyze the key strategic options available to Anatoliy in 2002 as he seeks to take Ice-Fili forward. We believe that Ice-Fili, to stop the decline in its market share, should focus on the market opportunities in the Russian ice cream market. The main opportunity seems to lie in consumers’ behavior. They only consider ice cream as an "on the go" snack. Ice-Fili should use all possible means to create a change in their way of consumption. It would be doubly useful as it would both increase ice cream sales in restaurants but also in supermarkets so that families eat them at home. To achieve that Ice-Fili will highlight its main asset: the fact that their ice creams are made using only natural products. This corresponds perfectly to the needs of Russian consumers and this is a very differentiating element with respect to its competitors. However, many problems are emerging: Ice-Fili has only 5% market share and has a lot of competitors with no major leader, it will be difficult to gain significant portions of market share in such a fragmented industry. Furthermore, the company does not seem to have the required people within its

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