Case Study Of Daiso

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.0 Introduction Daiso is the largest franchise in Japan owned by Sangyo Corp. Daiso, that is one of the market leader companies in Japan. Daiso is carrying over 10,000 goods and which over 40% for imported goods. Daiso is a unique combination of dollar and a convenient store, there are many types of high-quality products at unbeatable price. Daiso set itself apart from other shop by choosing not to sell closeout or factory second merchandise. Daiso can be classified as an extreme-value store. Daiso frequently use the previous pachinko parlours for its retail outlets. They were spending a lot of money to fixture the new shop of Daiso. The Head Company Daiso has 2,500 stores in Japan and 522 stores in overseas, the Daiso company in Japan with business are expand to Singapore, Taiwan, and USA and so on. Therefore, on 2 October 2005 Daiso were opened the first stores in the US for business in Alderwood Mall. The largest Daiso in US at the Union City, California, it is opening on 8 August 2007. 1.2 Objective To identify the objective to enter into United State America has 74 million of population and the most of them have strong purchasing power that can increase the company profit quickly. The political and economy of USA is very stable it will attract foreign corporate expand the business into country. There are many competitors …show more content…

The Daiso’s products are suitable for everyone of people such as children, adult, old people, and so on because the item are diversification such as exercise book, slippers, ornament and so on. Everything inside the Daiso are only for three price which is $1.00, $1.50, and $2.00. But the price will be lower than the other store. For example, Daiso is selling the towel which is $2 and the other store is selling $8. 2.1 Economic

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