Case Study Of Genie

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The case of Genie is one of the severe form of child abuse and neglect.The girl name used as "Genie" is basically used to safe her identity and privacy.And during all investigation about her case the above name is used.
She was born to a insane parents.Her father was extremely got distured by loud noises and didn't want children.Many of them died due to severe child neglect but the genie and his older brother survived.
She spent almost her whole childhood locked in a bedroom,isolated and i would say socially isolated and abused.Sometimes she was also tied with her potty chair hardly she was able to move her hand and feet.Whenever she made noise her father used to beat her with baseball bat.Her mother and older brother was not allowed to talk …show more content…

When she was identified as a feral or an isolated children she was 13 years old.Her case was soon become famous publically and scientifically in community.When she was identified,she was underweight and couldn't speak.And she also couldn't able to move her arms and legs straightly.And also couldn't able to chewed.
The Natinal Institute of Mental Health provided funding for the case of genie for scientific research.Her rehablitation team consisted of Susan Kurtiss and a Psychologist James Kent.Susan Curtiss Linnguist,attempted to teach her language and challenged her mental abilities and come to know that she was highly intelligent.Genie was not able to describe in words but can describe through pictures.But she was unable to describe herself.Despite of extensive training and learning she didn't able to develop grammatical sentences.
After the assessment Kent demonstrates genie "the most profound child he has ever seen......".With the passage of time she was able to learn to learn about the usage of toilet and about how to dress up.Afterwards due to lack of funding to continue her case she returned to her birth mother and she found difficult to deal her then genie was sent to foster …show more content…

The circumstances of Danielle Crockett's upbringing were unusual,isolated,abusive and tragic.She was not treated with love or affection at a very young age,depriving them of essential development years.We can say that how a mother could be so cruel and strict towards her daughter upbringing.When she was a child she needs special care but her mother didn't bother about her development.
Compare and contrast between Genie and Danielle Case :
Genie a feral or an isolated children was tied with her potty chair for 10 years but Danielle was kept in the small bedroom for almost 6 years.Both girls were malnourished and neglected by their parents. And not shown any love and affection for an extensive period of time.
In contrast,to the undetermined concept of physical as well as psychological abuse towards Danielle,Genie was beaten by her whwnever she make noises and want ti say few words such as "no", "stop it " etc.
The difference or comparison between both the cases is somewhat apparent in the intent of their caregivers. Danielle mother insisted that she did the best she could for her daughter and also felt a sense of loss when her daughter was taken from

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