Case Study Of Greyston Bakery

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The new CEO appears to have much more corporate business experience than the previous CEO. Should this be a concern for the corporation?
Although at first thought, it may appear a person having more corporate experience with this company could be a cause to be alarmed, but this is not necessarily true. An effective CEO would possess many attributes in the working world, corporate business experience should be considered one of the top required attributes. Mike Brady, the new CEO of Greyston Bakery, not only had corporate business experience, but also had the passion and experience in the social and food business. Mr. Brady held the many qualities necessary to support the mission of this company (Zen Peacemakers International, n.d.). Therefore, …show more content…

In this case, Roshi Glassman discovered a mixture of ingredients, including but not limited to the ingredients for delicious brownies and baked goods. He actually had a vision to help the needs of the people in the community with the profits he earned from selling his baked goods. While there were mistakes made along the way, he never lost sight of his vision. In my opinion, companies that go above and beyond to give back to communities by opening up employment to all, regardless of their work, medical or personal background will attract more business. The success of many businesses do not solely rely on their making money, but on the interest they show by investing in the future of our societies.
Comment on the social activism of Greyston Bakery. Why don’t more companies follow …show more content…

Explain your position.
Traditionally, the key focus of a business is to make money. The more money a business makes, the better for the company. However, some businesses, like Greyston Bakery, have found a way to make a profit while investing in the future by being attentive to the needs of society. As I mentioned earlier, by taking an interest in the future of the society, more people will notice and therefore attract more diversified consumers to the company.
Transforming employees’ lives enables those employees to rise above and possibly give them a chance they may have never had without these businesses giving the less fortunate an opportunity for education and training (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2016). By investing in those that may have faced some or many obstacles in their lives, provides an additional purpose for the company. At the same time, the employees gain knowledge and become a value to the society by returning the morals they have acquired from the

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