Leaders Eat Last : Why Some Teams Pull Together And Others Don 't

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Simon’s book, Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t, written with the mission of helping people to wake up every work day inspired to go to their work place, work and finally return home every evening fulfilled by their labor. Beginning with the question ‘ 'why ' ', he offers an indispensable starting point illustrating the power of ‘ 'why ' ' people do what they do after following quite a good number of companies, nonprofit organization and the highest authority of the US military. Sinek aims at helping to create healthier and happier organizations that inspire people to work. Sinek argues that a healthy organization can only be achieved by understanding the biology of trust and corporation in the organization.…show more content…
In fact, he explained this point using the biological concept of human beings and the role of the chemicals such as Endorphins, Dopamine, Serotonin and Oxytocin in the body. For example, Sinek argues that Serotonin makes people feels good when they are supported to accomplish their task (Sinek, 2014). Oxytocin, on the other hand, make individuals feel good when they engage in a meaningful conversation. Such are social and achievement chemicals that make people achieve their objectives (Sinek, 2014). In other words, the emphasis from Sinek is that the organizational leaders should understand the biological aspects that make people work efficiently. Leadership should then focus on these areas in order to achieve the organization goals. Organization leaders should understand that employees are not only economic beings motivated by money but are also social beings motivated by social factors such as love and conducive working culture (Marquet, 2015). Sinek focuses on the various means of bringing the balance back in our organizations so that companies and the individual workers can work side by side in a symbiotic affiliation with each other. For example, Sinek points out an example of a CEO named Bob Chapman, whose major focus was building workers who are capable of doing extraordinary things (Sinek, 2014). Considered a people-centric leadership style, Mr.

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