Case Study Of Ima Shewin: Analysis Of Discrimination

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Legal Memorandum To: Professor. Leah Westerman From: Vaughn Brandford Date: November 12, 2015 Re: Ima Shewin: Analysis of Discrimination Issue Did Ms. Ima Shewin not get her promotion because of discrimination, Brief answer Yes Arthur King discriminated against Ima Shewin by not giving her the promotion that she was quill field for because of here age and gender. This act and how Arthur King conducted himself at the interview and based on his reputation around the office would be sufficient to meet the definition of Discrimination provides by the Human Rights Law. Facts 1. Discrimination of age: Our client Ms. Ima Shewin is a 45-year-old African-American woman with advanced degrees in English and journalism, She has been employed by The Blabber, a newspaper in Atlanta, Georgia, for 10 years. She started as an entry- level researcher. Two years later, she was promoted to a junior-level reporter position, and two years after that, to a senior-level reporter position. She has now been a senior-level reporter for the last six years.…show more content…
Two years ago, The Blabber reorganized, and Doright was moved to another division in the company. Since then, Sherwin has reported to Arthur King, The Blabber's senior editor. Following the reorganization, two editors have retired. Although Shewin applied for these positions, they were not offered to her. In fact, she was only invited to interview for one of the positions, although she believes she met the qualifications for

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