Case Study Of Innovation Around Product System

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Innovation around Product System: A Case Study on Despite Group of Companies and Koko King
A business, no matter how large it is, cannot thrive without innovation. In a world where obsolescence, and not only physical damage, shorten the life cycle of products and services, innovation is key. Innovation, as largely defined, is the art of adding value to an already existing product, service or process or the art of creating something new. Innovation around product system implies creating value through the building of offerings that will complement the already existing ones (Doblin, 2017). This piece seeks to explore the topic, Innovation around Product Systems. The text will study carefully how the Ghanaian companies, Despite Group of Companies …show more content…

The company took the product performance innovation approach as they enhanced the packaging whilst increasing accessibility to Hausa koko (porridge). With regards to system innovation, Koko King added to its breakfast dishes (oat, eku egbeemi/grits, wheat porridge, corn porridge, tom brown, oblayo and rice porridge), sandwiches, pancakes, and akara as supplements. Moreover, the company has added lunch dishes like banku, wakye, jollof and kenkey (Koko King, 2017). These different local dishes give variety to customers and with a reliable delivery service as a compliment, they are able to capture the value created. Their innovation greatly paid off. They did not only boost sales but as well won many awards. Among these awards are Small and Medium Entrepreneur of the Year 2013, Overall Best SME (SMEGA 2013), Product Innovation of the Year 2013 and 2014, and Industrial Sector Award for Best Food Processing Company (SMEGA 2014) (Koko King, 2017).
Key Lessons Learnt After a thorough exploration of product system innovation and an in-depth examination of the cases, the authors came to the realization that innovation, no matter which type or how small it might be, pays. Society recognized and awarded both companies for their innovation and their sales soared with innovation. Again, the authors accepted the “what-should-be” the obvious relevance of product system innovation – to shield

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