Case Study Of Merbatty Boats

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Section 1
Merbatty Boats was formed 33 years ago by the current Chairman and Chief Executive, Alberto Blanc. The company manufactures luxury boats and is listed on the European Stock Exchange since November 2015. The head office is currently based in Europe with a boat building facility as well as 2 additional facilities in the USA and Middle East. Merbatty Boats currently manufactures 15 different types of luxury boats and also offer a full interior design service. The company achieved a total operating profit of 15.1% in 2015 with a new record of manufacturing 280 boats. They currently have a market share of 8% in the industry. The industry is mainly based in Europe and the USA with a growing customer base of successful and …show more content…

Topcrest and Merbatty also have a longstanding relationship and is easier to maintain than to build new relationships with new suppliers. The favourable relationship also provide good grounds that Topcrest will honour their promise of no late deliveries in the future. Merbatty can also appoint a backup hull supplier should Topcrest not honour their promise of any further late deliveries and thus minimise the risk of a similar incident happening in the future.

3.2 Building and manufacturing of racing boat – priority 2
This project is ranked second as the possibility of investing in the speedboat with no guarantee of success can lead to massive losses. The possibility of the raceboat being a failure can result in bad publicity for Merbatty.
The new marketing director, Jesper, is keen to develop a speedboat and compete in the global speedboat race as a marketing strategy. Jesper wants to race for a period of 2 years with the possibility of manufacturing its own range of speedboats should the racing be successful. Jesper is of opinion that this can also lead to an increase in sales of the P-3000 performance

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