Case Study Of Mix N Match Company

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H. Personnel The Mix N’ Match company believes that employees or the crew in a fast food industry are the employees. So therefore, the Mix N’ Match company will hire employees that are right for the job. However, it is also the responsibility of the Mix N’ Match company to treat its employees with respect and dignity, and to be a force for positive action in the community in which it does business. To this end, Mix N’ Match is committed to support and uphold the provision of basic human rights and to eliminate discriminatory practices. The company respects the inherent dignity of all persons, and seeks to enable all employees to do their best work by embracing and valuing the unique combination of talents, experiences and perspective of …show more content…

It promotes equal opportunity in its hiring practices, makes recruiting decisions based solely on job-related criteria and will not use forced labor The employee selection process takes place in the following order: 1. Preliminary Interviews–it is used to eliminate those candidates who do not meet the minimum eligibility criteria laid down by Mix N’ Match. The skills, academic and family background, competencies and interest of the candidate are examined during the preliminary interview. The candidates are given a brief up about the company and the job profile; and are assessed on how much the candidate knows about the company. Interview and selection Remember about 7C’s while interviewing:  Competent: Does the candidate have relevant skills, education and experience?  Capable: Does the candidate have capability to work in an unstructured & uncertain environment?  Compatible: Will the candidate be able to work in a team?  Commitment: Does the candidate seem committed for long term?  Character: Does person’s character and values matches with the company values?  Culture: Will the candidate adjust to the organization’s work culture?  Compensation: What is the salary expectations of the

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