Case Study Of Phishing

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Hacking – Phishing
2.1 Introduction to Phishing Phishing is defined as the attempt to obtain personal information such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, PINS, and other sensitive information. In this case, the creator will send out a legitimate looking email in disguise as any big and trustworthy company. The words phishing itself sounds like ‘fishing’ because of their similar concepts that is used. A bait is used in the attempt to catch a victim like for fishing, fisherman will use worm as their bait to attract fishes to their fishing rod or net. As in the hacking term, the bait is referred to any activity that will gain people’s trust so that they want to attach to the bait. And once they are attached, the creator will hack into their information.
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Then, they would attempt to use the algorithm to make fake AOL accounts. When they hit a match to the real card, they were able to create an account and spam others in AOL’s community. They only need a few to take the bait. By 1995, AOL managed to stop the random credit card generators but unfortunately, this warez group moved on to another methods. They specifically pretend to be AOL employees and messaging the people via AOL messenger. On 2 January 1996, the word phishing was first posted in a Usenet group dedicated to AOL including warning on all its email and messaging software to send alert to the users regarding potential phishing abuse. In year 2001, the phishers had turned their attention into online payment systems. The first attack which was the attack on E-Gold in June 2001 was unsuccessful, it planted an important seed. By the year of 2003, the phishers had registered dozens of domains that looked like legitimate sites such as eBay and PayPal but the truth is they are not. If only the user was paying attention, they will somehow notice the not so obvious

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