Case Study Of Supply Chain Management At J & J

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Supply Chain Management
J&J’s supply chain has transformed from a decentralized approach with so little visibility to a globally aligned organization. Standardizing the most important things such as quality system, operational improvement methodologies, procurement, etc. has given J&J a competitive advantage. Moreover, J&J relies on the data provided at Internet of Things (IoT). The company is heavily involved with IoT in order to monitor their operations and to achieve a better coordination between suppliers and customers. (Chatterjee, 2017)
Johnson & Johnson Supply Chain (JJSC) and AmerisourceBergen Corporation (ABC) has collaborated on a pilot study on implementing GS1 traceability standards as the FDA’s 2013 Drug Supply Chain Security Act …show more content…

The company operates 134 manufacturing facilities and eight innovation centers across the globe. In the US, the company have 8 manufacturing facilities for the Consumer Products and Pharmaceutical unit, and 26 for the Medical Devices and Diagnostics unit. While there are 41 manufacturing facilities in Europe, 15 in the Western Hemisphere (excluding US), and 36 in Africa and Asia-Pacific. (Benson, …show more content…

Besides innovating products and enhancing systems such as their supply chain, the company has come up with mobile applications such as J&J Official 7 Minute Workout, Care4Today® Connect Med Reminder & Health Tracker, Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery, Health Partner for Knees and Hips, and Corporate Athlete Journey®. (Johnson & Johnson Inc., 2017)

Human Resources Management
J&J’s organization considers their people as their most valued asset, it have played a very essential role towards achieving their company success. The company is committed to invest in talented people and organizational capabilities.
J&J careers follows an approach known as Strategic Framework which is the company’s guiding principles for managing their businesses. Under Strategic Framework, the company operates in a decentralized model, that provides key talents or employees an autonomy which allows them to make decisions that reflect the customer’s

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