Case Study Of Tian Siang

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Company Tian Siang is organised into 3 main divisions which is plantation divisions, manufacturing division and automobile & insurance agencies division. Name of the company is links to the history dating back to 13th century with the notable character Wen Tian Xiang. Wen Tian Xiang is a popular symbol of patriotism and righteousness in China. Wen Tian Xiang refuses to yield to the Yuan Dynasty despite being temptations of wealth, threats, coercion of punishments and tortures when Song Prime Minister fell captive to the torturous enemy- Yuen Army.Wen Tian Xiang still remain loyal to the Sung Emperor even his death in the hand of Yuen Emperor. Famous quotations of Wen Tian Xiang is ‘all men are mortal, but my loyalty will illuminate the …show more content…

Company in the sector grow steadily and become dealer for Honda, Proton, Hyundai and Volkswagen cars in Tian Siang Auto (Manjung) Sdn Bhd. Tian Siang is a 3S centre which is has to provide Sales, Service and Spare part to the customers. Company Tian Siang is car dealership, which is a business that sells new car directly to the customers. Company Tian Siang have contract with automaker. Company have to employs salespeople to sell vehicles, employ sales administrator to handle all paperwork that related to the sales, provide maintenance services for cars, process warranty claims and employ automotive technicians sell spare automobile parts.Every Automobile Dealership is equipped with showroom, service and repair site and store room. Company sells car in the showroom, test drive car parking at outside company, and vehicle entrance and service area in the back of the building. Car dealership is more focus on selling car or service and they can freely choose promotion method for sales car. Company Tian Siang located along JalanKampungSitiawan, in SitiawanPerak. The area of Company Tian Siang is covers about 15250 square meters. Tian Siang have 6 departments. There are Honda department, Proton department, Hyundai department, Volkswagen department, finance and accounting department. The company have almost 100 employees. The company have to provide many career opportunities at area Seri

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