Case Study Of Vodafone Egypt Telecommunication Company

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Vodafone Egypt Telecommunication Company is an Egyptian-based company specialized in offering voice and internet communication services which entered the Egyptian telecom market in 1998. Vodafone Egypt has developed over the years to become the top mobile operator in Egypt, the leading company in revenue share and the number one mobile operator in Egypt with the biggest customer base. Vodafone is proud to be at the service of more than 36.3 million customers, according to December 2011 records, providing the most developed technology for its customers, the greatest effective environment for its 6,500 employees and the powerful business responsibility plans for the community.
Vodafone Egypt's reputability and its brand value are dependent on Vodafone’s international dedication to responsible, moral and sincere behavior within the group of people with which they deal. Ever since its foundation, corporate responsibility was an essential part of Vodafone Egypt’s function in Egypt. To additionally increase the impact of Vodafone’s corporate responsibility initiatives, Vodafone Egypt Foundation was established in 2003, as a corporate foundation donor, aiding non-governmental organizations and public society organizations to employ developmental plans in the fields of education and health for offspring, society development, using mobile technology for improvement and access to communications.
Vodafone's mission is to be accepted as a different moral company functioning

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