Case Study Of Wet Products : Wet Wares Are Those It Professionals, It Experts, System Administrators

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Wet wares: Wet wares are those IT professionals, IT experts, system administrators, web page designers, web architects and system administrators who directly influence and manipulate the functions and working of any web page, data base management system, applications, networks and other aspects and functions of any IT system.
Wet ware costs: These are the associated costs to staff and hire IT personals and manage their work. This term particularly covers the associated costs of training the work force and equipping it with the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities required to work in IT based environment. It also covers the cost of interpreting results, draw conclusions, using systems and alignment
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Accounting information system is a transaction based information system as it deals with the economic events taking place in the enterprise. Most of these economic events take place in the course of day-to-day operations of the business enterprise. In the past, ac¬counting information systems were designed primarily for report-ing to statutory bodies such as tax authorities, regulatory authori¬ties and investors. Very little information was generated to meet the information needs of managerial decision making. The focus of accounting information has changed. It focuses more on generation of information for use in managerial decision making process. An accounting information system that combines traditional accounting practices such as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) with modern information technology resources.
Elements of AIS of Coca-Cola: Six elements compose the typical accounting information system and these six elements act as the basic building blocks of AIS at Coca-Cola as well. These elements are as under:
 People: The system users. These are the employees of cocacola working in different departments such as sales department, accounting department and IT section.
 Procedure and Instructions: Methods for retrieving and processing data. Each employee at cocacola is supposed to fulfil the duties and follow the instructions associated with his roles to perform
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